Comprehensive and affordable insurance can be purchased when you want to go abroad and you are going to spend more than six months outside the United States. You can purchase a plan that is going to give you coverage in case something happens to you.  Your health care abroad should not have to be a concern.

If you are limited to a legal migration status and this type of plan, you cannot be excluded from the INTERNATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE.

You can purchase a plan that is going to cover you for $1.000.000 dollar to $8.000.000 dollars.

Travelers Insurance

JN Insurance Agency’s, medical expertise is at the core of our travel insurance. We can cover your trips to other countries. You can feel free to cruise the world, visit family and friends across the continents, or just see where your adventures take you. JN Insurance Agency, wants to make sure its clients can be worry free on vacation knowing they have the best insurance policy for their needs.

Find the right international insurance with the best coverage.

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